Practice Areas

In all of the areas of law that our Pennsylvania law firm practices, Eugene Bonner and Attorney Associates provides the following qualities to every client: creativity; perseverance; excellent communication skills; logical thinking skills; value for money; championing of the interests of the client; acting in accordance with our duty to the court; reliability and consistency; and excellent knowledge of the law. The areas of law we practice include:

Family Law

Eugene Bonner and Attorney Associates law firm is committed to handling family law matters with sound judgment, experience and skill. This area of the law includes Divorce, Custody, Family disputes, Support, Adoption and general legal advice about the family relationship. In handling these law cases we will strive to counsel as well as to advise. We recognize that this area of law is a very sensitive, personal and confidential matter for our clients. We provide reinforcement and encouragement as well as common sense to assist in the resolution of these painful difficulties.

Estate, Wills & Trusts

Our accomplished lawyers advise clients regarding their specific Estate, Will and Trust requirements and prepare the appropriate documents, including Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Advanced Medical Directives, as well as Testamentary Wills and Trusts. We recognize that each client has his or her own individual needs that must be particularly addressed. We provide experienced counsel for the most elementary of needs to the most complicated. Do not move forward in this matter without consulting us.

Personal Injuries

“Personal Injury” and “Wrongful Death” are general terms that can apply to many different types of claims. Anyone who has been injured or killed as a result of the negligence of another in areas such as Medical Malpractice, Automobile Liability, Premises Liability or Product Liability may be entitled to monetary compensation through a Personal Injury or Wrongful Death claim. No case will be settled unless our client is satisfied. No fee is required unless a recovery is received. We recognize that the client is the one who has suffered and they deserve to be fairly compensated. Eugene Bonner and Attorney Associates has a successful history in representing deserving individuals and their families in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death matters throughout Pennsylvania. Do not move forward in this case without consulting us.

Criminal Cases

Criminal charges are very serious, and require serious defense representation. At Eugene Bonner and Attorney Associates, we understand that any criminal charges or any threat of criminal charges must be taken very seriously. You want an attorney who does not need to be told that you want the charges resolved quickly. We have handled many high-profile cases, and have the ability and knowledge required to assess your case quickly and provide you with a solid defense. If you are being investigated for an alleged crime or if you are worried about charges being brought against you, the best way to protect yourself is to get good legal representation and get it early. Please contact us with your questions.

Real Estate

Our lawyers effectively advise clients on real estate issues encompassing the purchase, sale and leasing of both residential and commercial properties. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of real estate and can address any real estate need or issue that you may have concerning property in Pennsylvania. Do not sign any documents with regard to real estate without consulting us.

Other Matters

We represent a number of businesses for their needs (collection, small claims, incorporation, etc.).

Other practice areas we handle are: social security disability; unemployment compensation; and traffic cases. Whatever your legal need we can help. If we cannot handle your matter, we know the lawyer that can help.