Frequently Asked Questions

Criminal Defense FAQ

I’ve just found out I am being investigated, do I need a lawyer now?

Absolutely. An investigation is one of the most critical stages in any potential criminal case. Every criminal case begins with an investigation. This is the time the police make the initial, significant decisions that can influence whether charges are filed. For that reason, this part of your case can represent a great opportunity to positively influence the outcome, and can also result in cases being closed, without prosecution; or lay groundwork for a favorable resolution at a later time.

The police want me to come in and give a statement. Isn’t it always best to cooperate with the police?

What’s best, in any situation, is for you to have the ability to make an informed decision regarding how best to proceed. That is why it is vital to consult an attorney before ever agreeing to a police interview. We never advise our clients to talk to the police without meeting with us first. It is at this initial stage that we can investigate their situation, including discovering what the police are up to. The police are generally not attempting to help you. They may believe you are guilty of a crime, and this means that they will want you to “confess” and make their job easier.

I’ve been arrested, and bailed out, and they told me I have to go to court in 30 days. Should I wait until then before acquiring legal assistance?

Definitely not. The time period between an arrest and that next court date represents a vitally critical time period. The police arrest citizens due the fact that they think there is probable cause that a crime has been committed; and that the person arrested committed the crime. This is not the same thing as a choice to prosecute. That decision is made by an attorney in the State Attorney’s office, known as a filing attorney. He or she decides whether to file charges and specific charges to file. Without our help, they will make this critical decision based exclusively on information from the police. As you can surmise, the police will always seek to justify their arrest, and pursue prosecution. The police will not present your side of the situation, which almost always results in formal charges (often the most serious charges) being filed. We begin fighting for you before any charging decision is made. We frequently can obtain the most favorable outcome during this small window in time, before the prosecutor decides to prosecute you. Don’t wait, and allow someone else to make what could be the most important decision about your future, without your voice ever being heard, and your defenses presented.

What should I look for when deciding on my criminal defense lawyer?

Choosing a lawyer to defend you in a criminal case is one of the most important decisions anyone may ever make. There are many adequate attorneys. Some lawyers may take your money and cut a deal in your case. That is not good enough for us, and it should not be good enough for you either. You want the best result possible, not second or third best. It is your job to confirm that your lawyer has the wisdom and experience necessary to handle your case. Learn about their level of experience. How long have they been an attorney? Have they been recognized as one of the best? Meet with them personally. Go over your case, and learn what approach they plan to use in your defense. While the justice system is supposed to presume you are innocent, it is chancy to trust that. At Eugene Bonner & Attorney Associates, we fight for our clients. We are proactive, not reactive. Your lawyer should be aggressive, and work intensely and quickly. This is what we do. It is in your best interest to find a lawyer that utilizes a team approach; and not just regarding his office, but with you. We know the law inside and out, but you know the facts about your personal circumstances. Only by combining forces can you achieve the best outcome. Know what you are paying for. We put everything in writing, so there are no surprises. Many times, a client will come to us after having hired someone else and being unhappy. We ask them what they paid for (that is, what the lawyer promised to do for them), and they often don’t know, because they did not get a written contract. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ask yourself if your lawyer cares, and if they care enough to make sure you completely understand you case and your options. We do and we will. You should never leave your lawyer’s office (or court) wondering what just happened or what was said. We make sure that this will not happen to you.

Aren’t all these questions made up so I will hire your firm?

Our FAQ’s represent our over 30 years combined experience in the law. We want to help you, and know the difficulties that often arise. Being charged with a crime can be devastating, and we are with you every step of the way. Do we want to be your lawyers? Our highest honor is representing citizens accused of crimes – and helping them get through the justice system and preserve their quality of life. We believe in the Constitution, and believe that your rights under the Constitution are just as important as any laws that police officers may try to enforce. You will become part of our law firm “family” and you will see our entire staff is dedicated to helping you through these most trying times. Contact us and see for yourself that we are the lawyers you want on your side. Consultations are free. If you decide not to hire us when the consult is over, all you will owe us is a handshake. We know how to help, and we look forward to the opportunity and privilege to do so.

If you have additional questions regarding criminal defense, or would like to set up a consultation to discuss your legal options, please contact us online or call us at 610-565-8787 today.

Personal Injury FAQ

Does hiring you automatically mean that I am involved in filing a lawsuit against the person who caused my injury?

No, it does not. In reality, the first objective in your personal injury case is to achieve all that is in your best interest. Our law firm is highly effective in resolving your differences with the person(s) or businesses that induced your injury. Often, that entity’s insurance company will act logically and your case can and should be settled without any lawsuits being filed. On the other hand, insurance companies do not always act logically or justly, and if that occurs, you may have to consider a lawsuit. At Eugene Bonner & Attorney Associates we work hard to relieve you of the stress and confusion resulting from these delicate situations. We will review the alternatives with you so that your decision is a confident one. You will be informed of all possible directions the case could take and we will guide you in deciding the most optimal decisions. No matter what situation ensues, we are a firm of trial attorneys and are ready to support you in the event a lawsuit has to be filed.

How much do I have to pay you for representation for my personal injury case?

You pay nothing, unless we make a financial recovery on your behalf. At that point we are paid a percentage of that recovery plus our costs. If there is no recovery, there are no fees or costs to you.

How long will my personal injury case last?

This time period varies from person to person and depends on your recovery process, as well as other factors, such as insurance availability. Certain cases may be concluded sooner if the injuries and consequences of those injuries are immediately evident and the accessible monies to pay for those injuries are offered sooner. Other clients may take a longer time to heal. In this situation we endeavor to confirm that we comprehend your specific problem before we try to solve it for you.

Will I have an attorney represent me or a secretary?

At Eugene Bonner & Attorney Associates our entire staff is experienced, caring and dedicated. But it is also critical that you have a close relationship with your attorney. At our firm, you will have an expert attorney handling your case, answering your questions and advocating on your behalf. We will also use our team to gather and assimilate vital information for your case and to keep in close contact with you.

If you have more questions regarding personal injury, or if you would like to set up a free consultation to discuss your legal options, please contact us online or call us at 610-565-8787 today.